# Usage demo

goInception extension of the usage of Inception, to specify the remote server by adding annotations before the SQL review, and for distinguishing SQL and review adding special comments at the beginning and the end of SQL.

use test;
create table t1(id int primary key);

# Option List

Command Default Type Explanation
host "" string DB Server host
port 0 int DB Service port
user "" string User name to connect to DB
password "" string password to connect to DB
db v1.1.0 mysql string Default connection DB, optional,can null.
check FALSE bool Review only
execute FALSE bool Execute SQL
backup FALSE bool Backup when execute
ignore_warnings FALSE bool If stop execute when warning or not.
trans v1.1.6 0 int How many DML operations can be included in each transaction. >1 means turn on transaction.
fingerprint v0.6.2 FALSE bool SQL fingerprint for similar DML. reuses the explanation, decreases explain operations, speed review.
masking v1.2.5 FALSE bool The new version of print SQL syntax tree, return JSON format result。More (opens new window)
query-print v0.7.1 FALSE bool Print the SQL syntax map
split v0.9.1 FALSE bool Split DDL and DML on the same table. But other option unavailable such as review, execute,backup,print sql syntax map. Normally, no need to split, GoInception records table structure snapshot which can be used for binlog translation.
sleep v1.0-rc3 0 int For decrease the impact to DB service, set sleep time by sleep_rows. Default 0 millisecond, max value is 100000 millisecond, equally 100 second.
sleep_rows v1.0-rc3 1 int Sleep after how many SQL execute. Default 1.
real_row_count v1.0.3 FALSE bool If get real DML effect rows by count(*), default false, if ture, ignore fingerprintSQL, accurately first.

# MySQL encrypted connection set

Key Default Type Explanation
ssl DISABLED string Ssl-mode same as mysql --ssl-mode
ssl-ca string CA file path, PEM format
ssl-cert string SSL public key file path, PEM format
ssl-key string SSL private key file path, PEM format

# SSL type description

type description
DISABLED(default) Disable TLS
PREFERRED TLS when server publishing use.
REQUIRED Use TLS, but do not check CA
VERIFY_CA Identify CA, but ignore hostname mismatch

# CA Authentication Demo

# use ssl=verify_ca setting CA identify
# need to put the CA with goInception service on the same server
sql = '''/*--user=test;--password=xxx;--host=;--port=3333;--check=1;\
use test_inc;

# SSL Authentication Demo

sql = '''/*--user=test;--password=xxx;--host=;--port=3333;--check=1;\
use test_inc;