# Compared with inception

# Function comparison:

Function inception goInception Description
Basically no difference
Basically no difference
pt-osc tool
Basically no difference
gh-ost tool
Basically no difference
Ignore warning parameters
Basically no difference
Read-only parameter
goinception not provided
Syntax tree
The syntax tree of inception is more friendly
Split function of DDL and DML
goinception supports mixed execution and will not affect rollback analysis
Hibernate after executing a batch
goinception supports sleeping after executing the specified number
Number of affected rows
goinception supports the calculation of the actual number of affected rows
SQL fingerprint
When the dml statements are similar, the explain results can be reused according to the same fingerprint ID to reduce the remote database explain operations and improve the audit speed

# Speed comparison

Stage inception goInception Description
Audit ☆☆ ☆☆ Slightly better review speed inception
Execute ☆☆ ☆☆ Similar execution speed
Backup ☆☆ Goinception leads in backup speed (batch backup), which has a greater advantage

# Difficult to get started

operating inception goInception Description
Rapid deployment ☆☆ Goinception can use binary deployment, download and use
Problem debugging ☆☆ Goinception has a lot of log output, which is easy to locate the problem quickly
Interface call Limited to python,c,c++ As long as the language of mysql database driver is implemented, the call is supported