# Option List

All goInception audit rules can check with inception show variables;.

inception show variables;

Modify in two ways:

  • one at inception set
inception set osc_check_interval = 10;
  • another one at config.toml, and start by -config=config.toml

variables List

Option Default Value Description
check_autoincrement_datatype FALSE true,false If return error when auto_increment column is not int or bigint.
check_autoincrement_init_value FALSE true,false If return error when auto_increment column not start from 1.
check_autoincrement_name FALSE true,false If return warn when the name of the auto_increment column is not ID, that means the column is meaningful.
check_column_comment FALSE true,false If the new column has a comment.
check_column_default_value FALSE true,false If the new column, no matter create or alter, has a default value.
check_column_position_change v0.9 FALSE true,false Check if column position changed
check_column_type_change v0.7.3 TRUE true,false Check the change of column type
check_dml_limit FALSE true,false If return error when LIMIT used in DML.
check_dml_orderby FALSE true,false If return error when Order By used in DML.
check_dml_where FALSE true,false If return error when there is no WHERE in DML.
check_float_double v1.0.2 FALSE true,false If turned on, the type of float/double will change to decimal auto.
check_identifier FALSE true,false Check if Identifier is correct.Rule: [a-z,A-Z,0-9,_]
check_identifier_lower v1.2.5 false true,false If the Identifier, such as table name, column name,index name, must be lowercase. Default false
check_identifier_upper v1.0.2 FALSE true,false If the Identifier, such as table name, column name,index name, must be uppercase. Default false
check_implicit_type_conversion v1.1.3 FALSE true,false If have implicit type conversion at WHERE. Default false
check_index_prefix FALSE true,false If check index prefix, setting by index_prefix and uniq_index_prefix
check_insert_field FALSE true,false If check the table and column exist.
check_primary_key FALSE true,false If return error when there is no primary key at create table.
check_table_comment FALSE true,false If return error when there is no comment at create table.
check_timestamp_count v0.6.0 FALSE true,false If check how many current_timestamp columns.
check_timestamp_default FALSE true,false If return error when timestamp column has no default value.
columns_must_have_index v1.2.2 string Set the column must be create index. Split by comma. Format: column name [type, option]
default_charset v1.0.5 utf8mb4 string The default connection charset. Default utf8mb4.
disable_types v1.2.6 "" string Disable database types, separate with commas (The following parameters are automatically merged: enable_blob_type,enable_json_type,enable_enum_set_bit,enable_timestamp_type)
enable_autoincrement_unsigned FALSE true,false If the auto_increment column should be unsigned.
enable_any_statement v1.2.5 FALSE true,false If all SQL approved.More (opens new window)
enable_blob_not_null v1.0 FALSE true,false If set the default value of blob/text/json not null are approved, default is false, means not allowed.
enable_blob_type Deprecated FALSE true,false If check support of BLOB column, include create,alter etc. (use disable_types instead)
enable_change_column v1.0.3 TRUE true,false If support change column syntax, default true.
enable_column_charset FALSE true,false If allow to set charset in SQL
enable_drop_database FALSE true,false If allow to drop database.
enable_drop_table FALSE true,false If allow to drop table.
enable_enum_set_bit Deprecated FALSE true,false If can use enum,set,bit (use disable_types instead)
enable_fingerprint v0.6.2 FALSE true,false SQL fingerprint.
explain_rule v1.1.1 first first, max The rule which explain decide the effect of SQL. first: use affect rows at the first row of explain shows as the SQL affect rows. max: use the max affect rows of explain as the whole explain affect rows.
enable_foreign_key FALSE true,false If can use foreign key.
enable_identifer_keyword FALSE true,false If use MySQL key words in SQL. default warn.
enable_json_type v0.7.2 Deprecated FALSE true,false If can use Json type include create, alter etc. (use disable_types instead)
enable_minimal_rollback v1.1.2 FALSE true,false If turn on the min rollback SQL, if on the rollback of update only record the change rows. Default false.
enable_nullable TRUE true,false If allow NULL for new column.
enable_null_index_name v0.7.1 FALSE true,false If allow NULL index name for new index.
enable_orderby_rand FALSE true,false If return error, when SQL within order by rand.
enable_partition_table FALSE true,false If use partition table.
enable_pk_columns_only_int FALSE true,false If the primary key must be int.
enable_select_star FALSE true,false If return error, when use Select*
enable_set_charset FALSE true,false If enable setting charset
enable_set_collation v0.7 FALSE true,false If enable setting collation
enable_set_engine v1.0-rc4 TRUE true,false If enable setting engine, default true.
enable_sql_statistic v0.9 FALSE true,false Turn on statistic
enable_timestamp_type v1.0.1 Deprecated TRUE true,false If enable timestamp column, include create and alter, default true. (use disable_types instead)
enable_use_view v1.2.4 FALSE true,false If enable create and use View
enable_zero_date v1.0.1 TRUE true,false If enable time is 0, when turn off return error. Default true, means turn on, followed NO_ZERO_DATE in sql_mode setting.
general_log v0.8.1 FALSE true,false If record full log
hex_blob v1.1.4 FALSE true,false When decode binlog, if binary type can be saved as string type, then saved as hexadecimal string type. Affect binary, varbinary, blob. Default turn off.
ignore_osc_alter_stmt v1.2.4 string If ignore alter in osc. Format: drop index, add column, etc. divided b comma.
lang v0.5.1 en-US en-US,zh-CN Return message charset, option: en-US,zh-CN
lock_wait_timeout v1.2.4 -1 int How much seconds Lock wait when session execute SQL.
max_allowed_packet v1.0-rc3 4194304 int Max data package size, default 4194304 byte = 4MB
max_char_length 0 int Max length of char, if exceed, warning to exchange to varchar.
max_ddl_affect_rows v1.0.2 0 int Warning when the DDL affects rows more than the setting value, if setting 0, no limit.
max_execution_time v1.2.5 0 int Configure the max_execution_time of the remote database, no limit when 0
max_insert_rows v0.6.3 0 int The max rows than can be insert in one INSERT values. 0 means no limit.
max_key_parts 3 int The max columns can be contained in one index.
max_keys 3 int The max number of index can be contained in one table.
max_primary_key_parts 3 int The max columns can be contained in the primary key.
max_update_rows 5000 int Warning, when update/delete estimate the effect rows more the setting value.
merge_alter_table FALSE true,false If merge the alter SQL on the same table and warning.
must_have_columns v0.6.3 string Setting the columns which must be contained in a new create table. Split by comma,format: column_name [column_type,option]
skip_sqls v1.0-rc3 string Setting which sql can ignore review for compatible client.
sql_mode v1.2.4 string Connection sql_mode.
sql_safe_updates -1 -1,0,1 Safe update. -1 means do nothing and followe the remote database. 0 means turn off. 1 means turn on.
support_charset utf8,utf8mb4 string Charset support, split by comma.
support_collation v0.7 string Collating support, split by comma.
support_engine v1.0-rc4 innodb string Engines support, default innodb, split by comma.
index_prefix v1.2.0 idx_ string Index prefix default idx_ , related with the option of check_index_prefix. NULL means no limit.
uniq_index_prefix v1.2.0 uniq_ string Unique index prefix, default uniq_, related with check_index_prefix. NULL means no limit.
table_prefix v1.2.0 string The prefix of table name. NULL means no limit.
wait_timeout v1.1.2 0 int The wait timeout of remote database. Default 0 seconds. Means use the database setting.