# config.toml description

goInception run by ./goInception -config=config/config.toml, this document show the detail of the configuration file.

goInception based on some TiDB source code, so some config parameters can check TiDB documents

config.toml contains general config such as host and port, and group config block such as [inc] and [log] etc.

Demo(the demo blow just shows the structure of config file, see details (opens new window))

host = ""
port = 4000
path = "/tmp/tidb"

# log setting
level = "info"
format = "text"

# log file setting
filename = ""
max-size = 300

# audit option
enable_nullable = true
enable_drop_table = false
check_table_comment = false
check_column_comment = false

# pt-osc options
osc_on = false
osc_min_table_size = 16

# gh-ost options
ghost_allow_on_master = true

# host

IP address, default

# port

Service port, default 4000

# path

TiDB date path, create some TiDB system table. If null, create in memory. Advice to set a specific data path for speed up start.

# [inc]

all audit options in here

# [osc]

all pt-osc options in here

# [gh-ost]

all gh-ost options in here

# [log]

# level

log level,default info option: debug, info, warn, error.

# format

log format,default text option: json, text, console

# disable-timestamp

Diable timestamp, default false

# [log.file]

# filename

log file name, default "", advice to set specific log file name for tracing.

# max-size

Max size of log file, default 300MB

# max-days

Max days of log file keep. default 0, it means keep all log files..

# max-backups

Max numbers of log file keep. default 0, it means keep all log files.

# log-rotate

If turn on log rotate, default true, it means turn on.